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Good Fire Safety (PREVENTION) + Early detection & call + Effective Rapid Intervention = Property Damage reduced + Lives Saved + Business & Homes Saved + Insurance costs down.

It cannot be under estimated what devastation and cost follows a fire.  Accidental fires do happen as do fires which are set deliberately for many reasons, trying to destroy evidence, fraud or at worst fires set to cause death or serious injury to people.  Fire Safety if undertaken properly can prevent fires but if they happen then the effects can be minimised.  Training of staff is also important, if people don’t understand the reasoning behind fire safety then safety features will be abused and the risk will increase.

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Fire prevention, building design and equipment, fire extinguishers, fire detection, fire alarm and staff training are all ingredients to keeping people and businesses safe.  Only play lip service to them and the results can be catastrophic.  Fire Risk Assessments are not a simple tick box A4 sheet, they are to examine hazard and risk, follow guides and codes of practice and yes can be undertaken by lay people but in many cases it may need that little extra where someone has qulaifications and/or experience.  The picture here of a well known supermarket probably means staff training is not what it should be and the fire risk assessment is not robust.  

Next Vehicle Fire Investigation Course April 25th 26th 2017, then June 6th 7th and September 26th 27th - Ireland 

Proper fire investigation is so important, be it a vehicle or building it is the only way we can identfy whether there are remedial actions to stop such incidents happening again or to highlight a crime.  If you have a fire then the fire risk assessment needs reviewing.

Following the church fire in Hampshire on the 19th June 2014, it is a timely reminder that simple tick box assessments are not good.  Too many people are not up to date with what is needed to comply with the legislation or to ensure that fire does not kill their businesses or places of worship, etc.  Ask yourself some questions, if you have services when it is dark do you have emergency lighting (not just a torch) - if the answer is no then you have not understood your responsibility. If you have a ringing chamber above ground floor which is accessed from with the body of the church and you have no automatic fire detection then you have not understood your responsibilities.  It goes on, the law was changed to what we have today and applies to virtually everywhere, except a single occupancy private dwelling.  The same law applies to large factories, hundreds of bed hotels and the telephone box and even the church BBQ.  Make sure you are complying, the guides can be downloaded from Direct Gov web site at no cost.  Now a Cathedral in France - they have better fire safety arrangements - we need to take it seriously.

By the way, it is an appalling piece of legislation but do not assume that you are OK because you have had an insurance review, it is a church, we have an extinguisher or the extinguisher servicing people said it was alright, make sure please.

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